Our adventure has ended

Our adventure ended 5 July 0600, when we had reached our goal and tied up in Leangbukten. Steve Cooling Jr is now getting a well deserved rest in our new Marina. After 5500nm without any problems to mention, 160 engine hours during 31 days of sailing I´m very happy with our boat. The Crew, Nicolai, August and Henrik all performed in excellence and met my highest ecpectations. I feel very lucky to have had such a quality crew. Well done. Nicolai is back to work in fishfarming north of Bergen, August is about to leave Norway for 3 year circumnavigation in his own boat, and Henrik is underway sailing his boat to North Norway. I have returned to the US and am wrapping up my four years engagement. Thank you very much guys for sharing a month adventure and all the hard work to make it sucessful. Also thanks to all the followers and their supporting comments and advice, We will see what the next adventure will be.

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5 thoughts on “Our adventure has ended

  1. Well done Vidar;BZ

  2. Martin

    Welcome back! Det har varit kul och spännande att följa er resa. Ses snart, då får du berätta mer


  3. bieniek mieczyslaw

    We are waiting for you in Norfolk.

    • stevecoolingjr

      Thanks, hope you all have enjoyed following our adventure on the blog

  4. Liv-Ellen

    Velkommen hjem, Vidar. Det har vært fint å følge turen, og at alt gikk bra. God sommer.
    Klem fra Liv-Ellen

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