Day 26, 25 June

We are at 2000z approx 450 nm from the Channel, the sea has flattened and the wind is only 10 to 13 knots, fairly useless as following wind for sailing, we are probably running motor through the night, charging our batteries. Our power consumption is peaking at night with lanterns and radar in poor visibility. Our Superwind wind generator normally provides what required if we have 15 to 20 knots wind and has done a great job on our journey so far.

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Day 25, 24 June

Passing the halfway mark between Azores and the Channel. This leg has so far been wet,bumpy, cold and foggy. The expression fair winds and following seas do not really make sense, you only get thrown around. We hope to be in the Channel in four to five days.

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Celebrating Midsummer Eve on Steve Cooling Day 24, 23 June

Midsummer celebrations is in full swing on board approx 700 nm SW of the Channel. Traditional food with sausages and ham. Off duty crew got permission to have a can of beer, the autopilot was immediately put on auto. Last night we heard heavy breathing very close, obviously a good size animal. We immediately put on our engine to make sure our presence was known.

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Finally weekend Day 23, 22 June

Not that much changes but the weekend is always welcome. We are presently 900 nm southwest of the Channel heading east – northeast. This afternoon the clouds fell down in the water and we got fog. The wind weakened and we are presently sailing with engine to generate enough power for radar use. We are moving through a warm front so hopefully the fog is gone in not too long time, and maybe somebody turns the wind on again. One of the highlights today was watching a big bashing shark moving slowly on the surface. Have a good weekend.

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Day 22, 21 June

A good day for sailing 15 – 20 knots wind from the south, we are heading towards the Channel with 7 to 8 knots. Rain showers are back and temperatures are telling us we are heading north, just about to pass latitude 40 North. The wind will stay with us for a few days so we are making good progress.

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Day 21, 20 June

Finally managed to leave Horta, presently cruising between the beautiful islands of Sao Jorge and Pico. The rain finally stopped and we have SUNSHINE with a breeze from the north. The wind will turn east and south during the night and we will set our course directly for the Channel some 1200 nm to go. Dolhpins and different kind of whales are around us all the time. Today even one of the big humpbacks came steaming by. We enjoyed our stay in the Azores, friendly people all over, always service minded and helpful. Next time I hope to visit the other islands.

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Day 20, 19 June


Finally August and Nicolai managed to get the painting done as the rain stopped this morning.  If you look at August hands you would think it was fingerpainting, but they had a brush.   We are ready to go  but waiting for a strong notherly (25 +30 knots) wind to ease off a little bit before we head out. We will depart early tomorrow morning as the wind calms  before it turns into following wind. It looks good for or passage to the Channel at least.

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Day 19 update

Due to the rain our painting project is postponed untill tomorrow morning, we got by luck a new windvane so everything is ok. Departure tomorrow at 1400z.  I´m not sure if the rain stops, but we will keep our fingers crossed. 

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Day 19, 18 June

Our webpage was a great hit yesterday with close to 1900 visitors in one day. Thanks to everybody putting greetings on the page, I do not see them at sea, but with wifi in the marina I get to my mail. All is well, we are busy preparing for the leg to Norway, Nico and August are painting the wall in the harbour as every boat do when visiting Horta. I post a picture when they have finished later today, our mascot Chris will be the centerpice. The football match yesterday gave the locals a lift, fun to be part of the local mayhem. After the game, we visited Vegard and Lisbeth  on board S/Y Pomona. They have spent 9 years sailing around the world, and they shared great stories, advice, and drink.

The weather is not what we expected, with tons of rain and fog. Nevertheless, it feels great to walk around after so many days at sea.




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Day 18, 17 June

A couple of days without any update, we arrived in Horta Saturday morning. The plan was to leave this morning, but the weather forcast made us postpone departure until Tuesday. The fuel pump broke when we started fueling, so the delay was not in vain. We have used the time in Horta to fix all the little things that needed fixing and right now we a watching football Netherlands against Portugal, they are fifty fifty in our internettcafe, so it is very hard to write this blog, I will continue tomorrow.

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